Need a Gym Mover?

Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas is a top-rated moving company that offers comprehensive moving services for residential and corporate gym owners to help them relocate anywhere in the country. By combining our expertise in short-distance and long-distance moving with expert skills in fitness equipment logistics, we can contribute to a smooth and hassle-free relocation process.

We offer professional packing options. Simply ask our representative for details of options and pricing. Our clean cut movers are screened and trained to ensure a safe moving experience. Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new place!


High-Quality Moving Techniques

Having years of experience, we’ve encountered almost any potential obstacle you can imagine. Tight corners, skinny hallways, heavy machinery, we’ve handled it all with precision and grace. We have a highly trained and well-aware exercise equipment team. From the tools to dismantle the machines to machine into the moving trucks, we have all the necessary equipment.

Reasons to Hire Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

The weight. We don’t have to remind you how much gym machines weigh. From barbells to plates, to weighted machines, it can all amount to astronomical numbers. Even the machines that aren’t weight-based, such as a treadmill or an elliptical, still have a lot of weight on their on.

The size. Even if all that equipment didn’t weigh as much, most of these machines are simply huge. Their size and irregular shape make it impossible for one person to move them around, let alone load them on a moving truck.

The complexity. Aside from being heavy and large, most machines have a number of different parts to them. Sometimes, these parts are detachable, and sometimes they move around. This procedure can be compared to moving a pool table, you would either have to disassemble the object or secure it so that it doesn’t move. Either way, this fact would make your job that much harder.

The electronics. Sometimes, in order to move a piece of gear safely, its electronic parts should be taken out. Only professionals can do that without the risk of damaging or breaking your belongings beyond repair. If you don’t have a lot of experience with taking electronics apart, it is best to leave this task to experts.


Fitness Equipment & Treadmill Movers

We’re known for our customer service and close attention to detail, so you can rest assured that none of the delicate wiring in your treadmill or exercise bike will be disturbed during relocation. Our gym equipment moving company has experience handling most equipment brands, so we’re aware of the subtle differences between machines. After completing jobs, we often hear that we were able to accomplish what some companies dedicated to fitness equipment moving were not.

Ask for more information on these services when scheduling your move!

Getting in touch with Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

If you live in the Las Vegas area or are considering moving out this way and have gym equipment that needs moving too, consider us your gym equipment movers of choice and the best part is that we can take care of your residential move as well! Give us a call today! To find out more about our services. If you’re not near a phone, don’t worry, you can also request a free quote online via the form!