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Small Moves: What Are Your Best Options for Long-Distance Small Moves?

Many people cringe at the thought of moving. Everything from the packing to the costs involved and possibly damaging or losing some stuff along the way isn’t appealing. But it has to be done.

Luckily a small move is much easier to execute than moving an entire home. Still, a small move, but a long distance can have you scratching your head.

So how do you go about it? Let’s get into it.

What Constitutes a Small Move?

Most movers consider small moves to be shipments weighing under 2000 lbs. These are household belongings from a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Anything above this qualifies as a large move.

If you are still unsure how to classify your move, let’s look at examples of small moves.

Winchester Movers

Home to Dorm Room

Granted, the first time you move from home can feel overwhelming. The size of your belongings? Not so much.

Most college dorm rooms have some basic furniture and appliance ready for your move, so no worries about lagging furniture to the dorm. In this case, your move has a few pieces primarily consisting of beddings, toiletries and personal items and trinkets.

One-Bedroom and Studio Apartments

If you are moving into a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you could be under the confines of a small move. If you intend to buy furniture after moving in, you are very likely looking at a small move.

Moving into an assisted living facility or relocating to a small office is likely a small move as well. Getting a moving trailer for these would be wasteful and inefficient.

Things to Consider When Moving a Small Load Long Distance

Before choosing a means to move, it’s essential to make several considerations. These include:

The Condition of Your Items

Do you have delicate family heirlooms, mirrors, TVs, wine glasses and other fragile items to move? If you do, throwing them at the back of your vehicle and crossing the state line might not cut it.

With this type of load, consider hiring professionals to help you pack and load the items safely. Still, look for a hiring a truck with proper tie-downs to hold things in place during transit.


Your Timeline

Moving to your place because you have come of age can have a vastly different timeline than moving for work. You have weeks or even months to move from home: you might have a week or even days to move for work.

When moving with a tight deadline, and having a day or a weekend to get it done, hiring professional movers might be the best way, even for a small move. Without a tight deadline, you save money with a DIY.


Storage Needs

Should you need a place to store items before or after the move, renting a small moving container makes a lot of sense. Many movers provide such containers in varying sizes, so you get one that’s just enough for your things.

These eliminate the immediate need to find storage space at the new location. They are also super handy in urban areas where parking is limited, and space is tight, plus you get to combine moving and storage services with one provider.

How Much Time and Energy Do You Have?

Local moves are significantly less taxing than long-distance ones. Do you have the time and energy to pack up and move all by yourself? Moving in your car or a truck rental is worth considering if you can handle the heavy lifting alone or with some friends. This is even more so if you are on a tight budget.

On the other hand, getting a professional moving company is worth considering if you have a fast-approaching move date and time is overstretched, and you just don’t have the energy for the whole production.


Imagine it: after you agree on the moving terms, you can go to your new home/dorm room, and your stuff will arrive and be unpacked. If you have the funds for it, this option is quite dreamy. You get this from professional moving companies like U pack, International van lines and American van lines, Allied van lines and Muscle Movers LLC.

If you are strapped for cash and have only a few items to move, renting a truck or using your car is more reasonable.

How Do You Pick the Best Long Distance Small Move Moving Company?

Moving your stuff by yourself places you in control of everything. However, bringing in a third party takes away some of it. You will therefore feel better about the entire process if you pick the right company.

If this is your first time at the rodeo, here are some pointers to help you do that.

1. Find a Company That Handles Small Moves

You need a company that does or has handled a significant number of small load cross country moves.

Often, such companies have contingencies for small loads. Companies that are new to this will likely agree to move you but charge you for a full load.

Similarly, if you have other special considerations, try and match moving services to these requirements. For example, if you are moving a piano, find movers with this service in its repertoire.

2. Do Proper Research

You want to look at available companies, what they offer and their rates (for an idea of market rates). You want to find companies with a steady run in the industry without questionable dealings.

How do you find these? The easier way is by running an internet search. This should bring up reviews, news articles and so on. Go with reputable, well-known full service moving companies. Similarly, look at recent customer reviews and avoid customers with a low or poor rating.

3. Be Wary About Too Good To Be True Estimates

Be wary about estimates with charges that are too low compared to market rates from your research.

The risk with these is that you might get a moving quote with hidden fees, only to be bombarded with higher moving expenses later. Whenever possible, try and get an in-home estimate. Thanks to technology, this is something you can do via video chat.

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